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Soul Rising


They say a man’s “soul” is his spiritual essence. Life’s twists and turns can lift that soul high into the sky or send it crashing to the ground below. Unfortunately, 2023 started with the latter for Will Downing, following the unexpected and soul-crushing loss of daughter Aron Siobhan Downing in January. As a father, he was devastated…heartbroken. As an artist, he sought solace and comfort through his craft…facing the hurt head-on and exploring multiple themes of love to begin the healing. Persevering through the pain Downing is poised to finish the year with his soul rising…literally! The Prince of Sophisticated Soul is ready to share his 7-song masterclass in triumph over tragedy, Soul Rising!


Celebrating an insane 35 years in the “bizness” and 27 Albums to his credit Will Downing will not be stopped! Flexing on his international appeal, the lead single "What Part of My Love" shot to the top of the UK Soul Chart Top 30 and parked there. Those who no longer listen to new releases as the collective work it was intended to be, should make an exception in this case. Although not a "concept" album, the pieces of Soul Rising fit together beautifully as a single statement and should be enjoyed as such. We all know about the smoothness, but there's a brand-new kind of...dare I say..."Funkiness", that I think is here to stay.


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